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Why pay too much for your TV and Internet?

Order TV PLUS now

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CHF 24.90

per month for TV

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TV PLUS TV works with any Internet provider!

160 TV channels in the basic subscription, 75+ in HD. 7-day Replay. Live Pause. Up to 1000h recording. 10’000+ Radio stations & Podcasts. Video on Demand with 5000+ Movies & TV Shows. Access to YouTube, Netflix, Sky.

No risk: you can cancel monthly at no cost after the first 3 months!

+ CHF 99.90 one time for the TV Box. English and Turkish Language packages and additional TV Boxes can be ordered as required:


From CHF 64.85

per month for TV + Internet

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Save up to CHF 482.- per year!

The fastest fiber optic & DSL Internet anywhere in Switzerland.  50Mbit/s – 1Gbit/s. Includes the TV subscription and a selected Internet subscription. Pay for everything with just one single invoice.

No risk: you can cancel monthly at no cost after the first 3 months!

+ from CHF139.- one time for the Internet Router. Check the availability and choose the ideal Internet package for your location.

Check availability and your Internet speed

Check availability and internet speed at your address and then place your order. Please pay attention to the correct spelling of the address. We will recommend the Internet package that fits best at the selected address.

TV never felt so free!

No obligation. No risk.

TV PLUS is the new TV for Switzerland.

You can cancel monthly after the first 3 months of your subscription.  You even keep the TV PLUS Box and the Internet router. You are free to select any Internet provider you want. When you also subscribe to the TV PLUS Internet service, you save up to CHF 482.-  per year.

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Save with TV PLUS

Save up to CHF 482.- per year [updated]

The TV PLUS TV and Internet subscription costs only

CHF 64.85 monthly.

Bring freedom to your home…

Order TV PLUS now!

Simple. Connect. Enjoy.

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No risk. Cancel anytime after 3 months.